The Tassimo T Disc Coffee Maker is a fantastic product designed to give you a single perfect cup of your favorite hot drink. Whether you’re in need of that perfect cup of coffee to start your morning, a hot chocolate to warm you up on a cold winter day, or any number of delicious hot beverages (espresso, latte, cappuccino, etc), this coffee maker is sure to impress.

I’ve owned the T Disc coffee maker for some time now. Right out of the box, the machine is simple to set up and begin operation. The digital readout makes it easy to measure out the appropriate amount of water, and the Tassimo T Discs ensure that you’ll soon be enjoying that perfectly brewed cup.

Pressed for time? Brewing takes less than a minute. And, if that first delicious cup was not enough, the machine is ready for use as soon as you are. This feature was perfect for me, as I love to have company over. None of us drinks more than one cup, so often I’m left with half a pot of coffee to throw away. But now, everyone gets exactly what they need, and as much of it as they want.

You might think that a product this wonderful might ‘phone it in’ with one or two flavor options. But Tassimo provides a wide range of delicious brands. Craving a hot chocolate? Try the fantastic products by Suchard and Milka. A cup of tea more your favor? Tazo and Twining are your perfect brews. And, as for coffee, some of the best, most well-known coffee companies make it possible for you to enjoy their signature flavors with different Tassimo T Discs – Seattle’s Best, Starbucks, Maxwell House, Gevalia, and more are ready to tantalize your tastebuds, all one cup at a time. ¬†For even more enjoyment, get your Tassimo T Discs in bulk so that you don’t ever run out of great coffee.

Cleaning the coffee maker is a cinch. In practically no time, I remove the empty disc and simply throw it away. Because there are no coffee grounds, spilling out and making a mess, the machine is clean and ready to go. Plus, its ability to control the strength of each cup means that you can tailor each one to your (or your guest’s) specific tastes. It’s like having a coffeehouse right in your kitchen!

The Tassimo T Disc Coffee Maker is a clean, affordable, and convenient way to make a perfect cup the right way.